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Model Number Year JCO-CDR 1986 EJR-CDR 1986 JCO-CUA 1987 EJR-CUA 1987 JCO-CCM 1988 EJR-CCM 1988 JCO-CE 1989 EJR-CE 1989 JCO-ES 1990 EJR-ES 1990 1.2 HP Models Model Number Year 2RCS 1980 2RCI 1981 2RCN 1982 2RCT 1983 2RCR 1984 2RCO 1985 2REC / 2RLEC 1998 2REE 1999 2 HP Models Model Number Year H2REI 1991 H2REN 1992 H2RET / H2DRET 1993 H2RER / H2DRER …

Most likely you see an E or a J. These stand for Evinrude and Johnson, respectively. If you see a different letter, it may mean that your engine was not built for the American market. Please be advised that the information provided here is approximate, and should not be relied upon for legal, compliance, valuation, or other purposes which require definitive documentation.Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can RE: Evinrude® E-TEC® 60 HP outboards, from serial number 5363195 to 5379022. This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board, Environment Canada and all other applicable laws and regulations.

Evinrude serial number lookup

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Model Number HP Year A(#3000-7200) 3.5 1915-22 Search Our Website; Get Email Updates. Contact Info. When you look on the motor mounting bracket of your Evinrude, you find a metallic, embossed tag with the name "Evinrude" prominently featured, along with a variety of information on your motor and finally, the motor's serial number. The serial number tells you if the motor was built for the American market, the horsepower, the options it's supposed to have, the length of the driveshaft in the lower unit and what year it was made. Evinrude Johnson Outboard Motor Model Year Lookup Guide Please select a year range above to find the year your outboard engine was manufactured.

1980-Present: Evinrude outboards from 1980 to the present use a model number that can help determine the year and features of the motor. Search for your serial number by pressing CTRL+F to find the corresponding year.

Related Searchesevinrude Serial Number Lookup Chart; Evinrude Outboard Motor Serial Number Decoder; Evinrude Serial Number Decoder List; What is the horsepower of this evinrude outboard motor with serial 6303sj 01188? Model number 6303, would be a 1973 year model, 6hp Evinrude outboard. Read More. Interpreting Evinrude Outboard Serial Numbers.

1913-1979. Recreational Outboard Motors. There is another list similar to this for Commercial Motors, starting as small as 2.3hp and another for Racing Motors. This list is set up in alphabetical & then numerical order AND in repeating vertical column order to the right.

Evinrude serial number lookup

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Evinrude serial number lookup

Nothing in the Force Outboard engine model numbers or serial numbers provides year information. Refer to the Force serial number year chart located here. Evinrude Model Year Guide . Model Number HP Year A(#3000-7200) 3.5 1915-22 Search Our Website; Get Email Updates. Contact Info.

Cyl. Start Type. Tilt Trim . Fuel Type. E3R4, 3, 41, 0, 0, 1, Manual, No, Gasoline. E4R4, 4, 58, 0, 0, 1  Jul 19, 2013 Bob from Snowman Marine provides help finding the model number on Evinrude and Johnson outboard motors.
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Evinrude serial number lookup

2019-03-31 Interpreting Evinrude Outboard Serial Numbers.

How to decode the year of your outboard, and how to look up part numbers.You'll need:http://shop.evinrude.com/media/document/ModelNumberReference.pdfLinks:sh 2020-03-28 An eight-character model number indicates an engine made between 1999 and the present. Evinrude corresponds a number with each letter, such that I corresponds to 1, N is 2, T is 3, R is 4, O is 5, D is 6, U is 7, C is 8, E is 9 and S is 0; a code of SS, for example, would indicate an engine made in 2000. Step 3 Evinrude Outboard Motors.
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Evinrude serial number lookup

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Bought 50hp used Yamaha. Factory plate on port side of motor clamp bracket indicates '50DET0 s/n6H5L411597'. I don't know about the Yamaha's but the Johnson/Evinrude used to have the serial number stamped into a soft plug in the block too. You've found a gorgeous 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air for sale. If you want to find out as much information about the car before purchasing it, start with the serial number.

For engines prior to 1980 refer the the Evinrude 1950-1979 serial number year chart located here. Omc Sterndrive Serial Number Lookup; Look at the first digit.

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BJ's Outboard Motor Collection. During this era of outboard motors, most units did not have model, rather just year .